Qi Xing Dao

Seven Star Saber
Qi Xing Dao (七星刀, qīxīng dāo) means “Seven Star Saber.” It is a basic saber form in Northern Shaolin Long Fist that introduces students to the art of short weapons practice. The saber is considered the leader of short weapons. At least 60 percent of saber techniques are shared by all other short weapons.

Kong Shou Dui Gun

Barehand vs. Staff
Kong Shou Dui Gun (空手對棍, kōngshǒu duìgùn) means “Barehand vs. Staff.” It is a 2-person Shaolin White Crane form designed to train a barehand fighter in maneuvering in and out of a staff opponent's effective fighting range. While the form mostly emphasizes the barehand side, the staff practitioner does train footwork and distancing. White Crane fundamentals are a requisite.

Xiao Hu Yan

Tiger Roar Sequence
Xiao Hu (嘯虎, xiàohǔ) means “Tiger Roar.” Yan (燕, yàn) means “swallow,” but may also indicate a surname. This intermediate barehand form is from Northern Shaolin Long Fist. It is a Praying Mantis sequence that was adapted into Long Fist.

Chin Na 4

Seize and Control
Chin Na (擒拿, qínná) means “Seize and Control” and is applicable to all martial arts styles. In this level, students must counterattack 10 Chin Na techniques with another Chin Na technique. Students must yield and redirect an opponent’s power in order to practically and successfully setup a counterattack technique. You may use Chin Na techniques that were not in previous ranks.

Gun Fa Dui Lian

Staff Matching Practice
Jiandan Gun Fa Duilian (簡單棍法對練, jiǎndān gùnfǎ duìliàn) means “Simple Staff Matching Practice” and is a 2-person exercise. The goal is to solidify staff handling, stances, and footwork. The first 4 techniques are from the Qi Mei Gun sequences. The fifth form consists of attacking and defending in a more freestyle manner, as if in a light contact sparring session. Students should develop an awareness of attacking various targets while still being able to defend the 4 major points.
  1. Tangle Staff - Circle and Press Down (絞棍 - 轉圈下壓法, jiǎogùn - zhuànquān xiàyā fǎ)
  2. Intercept Upward - Circle and Press Down (上架 - 轉圈下壓法, shàngjià - zhuànquān xiàyā fǎ)
  3. Slide Sideways - Circle and Press Down (側滑 - 轉圈下壓法, cèhuá - zhuànquān xiàyā fǎ)
  4. Neutralize Low and Lift Upward (下化上撩法), xiàhuà shàngliáo fǎ )
  5. Four Points Free Sparring (四點自由對擊, sìdiǎn zìyóu duìjī)

Kongshou Ru Bairen 1

Barehand vs. Dagger
Kongshou Ru Bairen (空手入白刃, kōngshǒu rù báirèn) means “Barehand vs. Dagger.” In this level, the primary goal is to maintain a safe distance. You will need to avoid 7 out of 10 arbitrary knife attacks. The attacker is allowed to use any technique, including swings, stabs, fakes, and hand switching. Students must learn how to read and react to the motions of the attacker. All of the fundamental training and conditioning from prior levels will be absolutely essential.