Gong Li Quan

The Power Sequence
Gong Li Quan (功力拳, gōnglì quán) means “Power Sequence.” It is the second barehand sequence trained in Northern Shaolin Long Fist. Like Lian Bu Quan, this sequence was developed by the Jingwu Association. While Lian Bu Quan serves as a student's first introduction to forms, Gong Li Quan is an introduction to martial applications and power. Power generation in the legs and hips is especially important.

Chin Na 2

Seize and Control
Chin Na (擒拿, qínná) means “Seize and Control” and is applicable to all martial arts styles. In this level, students must execute techniques with improved fluidity and less hesitation. Speed is not necessary, as accuracy and attention to detail are more important at this stage. Students should already have a preliminary understanding of correct Chin Na angles. There are 5 techniques in this set.
  1. Back Wrap Hand (反纏手, fǎnchánshǒu)
  2. Large Wrap Elbow (大纏肘, dàchánzhǒu)
  3. Turn Back to Seize the Ape (回頭擒猿, huítóu qínyuán)
  4. Bow to Show Courtesy (鞠躬行禮, jūgōng xínglǐ)
  5. Old Man Promoted to General (老漢拜將, lǎohàn bàijiàng)

Qi Mei Gun

Equal Eyebrow Staff
Qi Mei Gun (齊眉棍, qíméigùn) means “Equal Eyebrow Staff” and is a Shaolin White Crane staff form. The techniques are designed for a staff as tall as the practitioner's eyebrows. It is a basic form that introduces students to long weapons practice.

Pan Shou 2

Bridging Hands
Pan Shou (盤手, pánshǒu) means “Bridging Hands,” or “Connecting Hands” and is a set of 2-person Shaolin White Crane barehand exercises designed to train specific blocks and strikes. It is also know as Qiao Shou (橋手, qiáoshǒu) -- meaning literally “Bridge Hands,” or Da Qiao (搭橋, dāqiáo) -- meaning “Building a Bridge.” The Wing Chun style variant is called Qi Sao. This Pan Shou set introduces 5 more practice drills to further develop a student’s White Crane hand skills, including hooking, coiling, sticking, and adhering.
  1. Double Sticking Hands (雙纏手, shuāng chánshǒu)
  2. Single Sticking Hand (單纏手, dān chánshǒu)
  3. Sparrow Limbs (麻雀肢, máquè zhī)
  4. Low Neutralizing Hand (下化手, xià huàshǒu)
  5. Passing the Mountain Limbs (過山肢, guòshān zhī)

Short Defense

Shuai Jiao Takedowns
Shuai Jiao (摔跤), shuāijiāo) encompasses wrestling and takedowns. It is one of the 4 major categories of martial arts. There are 10 takedown techniques in this set. From these 10, others can be derived. Because it involves close-range fighting, many techniques naturally leverage off of Chin Na as well. Students must also learn how to properly break their falls and to condition their muscles, tendons, and joints.