Yang-Style Taiji Sword

The Classical Form
The classical Yang-style Taiji Sword (楊氏太極劍, yángshì tàijíjiàn) form consists of 54 movements. Taiji sword is practiced to achieve higher and more profound levels of Qi. In fact, the theory of Taiji sword is much deeper than that of barehand Taijiquan. The techniques are consequently also more difficult to train and master.

Yang-Style Fast Speed - Complete Form

Fast speed (快速, kuàisù) Taijiquan is practiced for developing a stronger sense of opponent and martial intent. The movements need to be performed at a speed that is practical for combat. Students should manifest soft Jin for offense and firmly rooted neutralizing Jin for defense. In this level, students must perform all 3 parts of the Yang-style Long Form continuously at fast speed.

Silk Reeling 3

Yin-side (Stationary)
Tai Chi Silk Reeling practice (太極圈纏手練習, Tàijí quānchánshǒu liànxí) is an important foundation to Taiji Pushing Hands and Taiji Sparring. It is also known as Tai Chi symbol training, or Yin-Yang Sticking Hands. A competent level will allow a practitioner to smoothly transition from one technique to another. In this level, students must practice the Yin-side pattern without stepping but with their eyes closed.

Pushing Hands Applications 3

Moving (Semi-cooperative)
In Pushing Hands Applications 3 (推手之應用三, tuīshǒu zhī yìngyòng sān), students must successfully execute 5 techniques from a moving double pushing hands situation, where the opponent is semi-cooperative. Each application must contain at least one technique from each of the 4 fighting categories: kicking, punching, wrestling, and Chin Na.

Taiji Ball Qigong

Taiji Ball Qigong (太極球氣功, tàijí qiú qìgōng) is extremely useful for developing the core body structure, strength, and fundamentals that are used across all internal styles. There are several stages to the training, beginning with stationary circling, rotating, and wrap coiling. After you are able to seamlessly mix and integrate all 3 techniques in three dimensions, you should practice with stepping. The ball should be made of wood or a heavier material.

Taiji Fighting Set Applications 1

Taiji Fighting Set Applications (太極對手之應用, tàijíquán zhī yìngyòng) will help solidify Taiji fighting concepts in your pushing hands and Taiji sparring practice. In this level, you must perform both offensive and defensive sides of the Taiji Fighting Set form with clearly applied martial intent. There should be no cooperation, but you and your partner must still follow the movements of the form.