Taiji Fighting Set

Taiji Fighting Set (太極散手對練/對手, tàijí sǎnshǒu duìliàn/duìshǒu) is considered an advanced 2-person sequence. Usually taught in only the more advanced stages of training, it helps to solidify Taijiquan martial application principles and theories. This form naturally follows advanced pushing hands training and will bring you one step closer to Taijiquan sparring. In this level, students must be able remember the form and execute both the offensive and defensive sides smoothly.

Yang-Style Fast Speed - Part 3

Fast speed (快速, kuàisù) Taijiquan is practiced for developing a stronger sense of opponent and martial intent. The movements need to be performed at a speed that is practical for combat. Students should manifest soft Jin for offense and firmly rooted neutralizing Jin for defense. This level focuses on the third part of the form.

Pushing Hands Applications 2

Stationary (Uncooperative)
In Pushing Hands Applications 2 (推手之應用二, tuīshǒu zhī yìngyòng èr), students must successfully execute 5 techniques from a stationary double pushing hands situation, where the opponent is uncooperative. Each application must contain at least one technique from each of the 4 fighting categories: kicking, punching, wrestling, and Chin Na.

Candle Training

Soft Jin Exercise
Candle Training (蠟燭之練習, lāzhú zhī liànxí) is a Fa Jin exercise. You must extinguish a candle at least 6 out of 10 times using a soft Jin palm or fist strike. The minimum allowed distance between your hand and the candle's flame is 10 inches.

Yang-Style Medium Speed - Complete Form

After practicing each section of the Taijiquan form separately at medium speed (中速, zhōngsù), students should practice the entire form at medium speed without losing endurance, focus, and technique.