Taiji Spear

Taiji Spear (太極槍, tàijí qiāng) builds off of the skills trained previously in Taiji Staff. This level consists of a Taiji Spear sequence.

Taiji Saber Matching 2

In Taiji Saber Matching (太極劍對練, tàijíjián duìliàn), students must create 5 short repeating routines with a partner that demonstrate offensive and defensive techniques based in correct Taiji saber theory. The techniques should be different than routines that students have created for previous levels.

Taiji Staff Applications

Taiji Staff Applications (太極桿之應用, tàijí gǎn zhī yìngyòng) is a semi-cooperative exercise where you must demonstrate and explain 5 techniques of Taiji Staff.

Taiji Sparring

In Taiji Sparring (太極自由散手, tàijí zìyóu sǎnshǒu), you must apply all Taijiquan principles into a sparring context. Students will need to train intercepting to create their initial entry into pushing hands applications.