Qi Mei Dui Gun

Eyebrow Staff Matching
Qi Mei Dui Gun (齊眉對棍, qíméi duìgùn) means “Eyebrow Staff Matching.” It is a choreographed Shaolin White Crane staff versus staff form based on movements from Qi Mei Gun. This form train students to develop a better sense of distance, power, rooting, and martial applications.

Yi Lu Mai Fu

The First Way of Ambush
Yi Lu Mai Fu (一路埋伏, yīlù máifú) means “The First Way of Ambush.” It is an intermediate Northern Shaolin Long Fist sequence that includes some middle-level kicking techniques. Not only are power and form required, but also speed and agility. At this level, students must also develop a more natural understanding of martial applications. This sequence will build your foundation for Long Fist.

Er Lu Mai Fu

The Second Way of Ambush
Er Lu Mai Fu (二路埋伏, èrlù máifú) means “The Second Way of Ambush” and is an intermediate Northern Shaolin Long Fist sequence that is very similar to Yi Lu Mai Fu. It introduces a few new techniques and strategies that expand upon the Mai Fu forms’ style of practice. Speed and agility are still the goals of this level, in addition to the power and form developed in previous sequences.

Chin Na 3

Seize and Control
Chin Na (擒拿, qínná) means “Seize and Control” and is applicable to all martial arts styles. In this rank, students should have already have a gained solid understanding of how to smoothly apply Chin Na in various martial contexts. Of the roughly 120 YMAA Chin Na techniques, students should select only 10 for study. The primary goal of Chin Na 1, 2, and 3 is not to simply learn as many techniques as possible, but rather to refine a very select subset. If students can master a few techniques well, then they should be able to apply the same learning process to achieve a high level of quality in other techniques later.

Ti Fa Dui Lian

Kicking Matching Practice
Ti Fa Dui Lian (踢法對練, tīfǎ duìliàn) means “Kicking Matching Practice” and is a 2-person barehand exercise. The goal is to train reaction, timing, and distance in defending against straight kicks. There are 5 techniques in this set.
  1. Crane Low Hooking Hand (鶴下鉤手, hè xià gōushǒu)
  2. External Up Hooking (外上鉤, wài shànggōu)
  3. Internal Up Hooking (內上鉤, nèi shànggōu)
  4. Low Intercepting Hand (下截手, xià jiéshǒu)
  5. Low Neutralizing Leg (下化腿, xiàhuà tuǐ)

Dagger Defense

Chin Na Techniques Against Dagger
Dagger Defense (匕首防身法, bǐshǒu fángshēn fǎ) consists of 10 Chin Na techniques against opponents with a dagger or other short weapon. Concepts include maintaining correct distance, awareness of vulnerabilities, and stepping strategies. After learning this set, students are encouraged to explore additional dagger defense strategies utilizing techniques from Chin Na and Shuai Jiao.